Gastro Studio

Gastro Studio is a unique space for HoReCa professionals, where we try to better understand the needs of our customers and market trends. 
With a team of PROMO Food Service specialists in the Gastro Studio we:
• Organize master classes for famous European chefs;
• Prepare product presentations and workshops;
• Present culinary and confectionery ideas;
• Introduce wide range of PROMO Food Service exclusive products to our customers.
You are always welcome in the Gastro studio. Here, we will help you to create the culinary success of your business and together we will build a great business relationship!


Team building events

Product presentations

Cooking classes

Tasting dinners


Gastro Studio – created by professionals, but not only for professionals. It‘s a great place for presentations, seminars, workshops, cooking classes, entertainment events or even celebrations.
This area can be adapted for kitchen professionals and food, beverage gourmet’s enthusiasts who want to improve their skills or knowledge.
For your convenience, Gastro Studio is divided into separate zones that you can use according to your needs:
• Professional kitchen area with all the necessary equipment, suitable to prepare any dish.
• Bar area with a professional coffee machine, suitable for coffee, cocktail and other beverage presentations.
• Audience area – we can offer the seating plans in a few different layouts: theatre principle for an audience for up to 60 people or at individual tables – up to 40 people.
• Presentation area – this area can be used depending on the type of the event, for example for product presentation.


There is a camera in the kitchen area, that can show live view in two widescreen TV in the studio

Upon request and prior agreement, we have the opportunity to film your event and edit a video from the received video material

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