Sanitex LLC Merchandising Division was one of the first in Lithuania to offer the services of merchandising. The activity has been performed since 2003; solid experience is acquired, which guarantees qualitative service and satisfaction of client’s needs.
Exceptionality and advantages of the service offered by us are as follows:
professional team and big attention paid to team’s training;
• equal distribution of merchandising specialists in the entire territory of Lithuania. Seven branches in Lithuania ensure qualitative service in all Lithuanian cities and towns;
• application of information technologies in performing merchandising service. Constant investments to information technologies increase transparency, particularity and expedition of the service.


Merchandising in trading venue

Product tastings / presentations

Market research and analysis

Standard reports of shortages of products in the trading venue, the most problematic trading venues marking, report of repeated problems

Special reports (distribution depth, additional displays, shelf share of the products, products promotions, visibility etc.)

Additional services (distribution, delivery, installation and reporting of promotional material)

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